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Monday, 23 March 2015

Making money online!!! Why rush?

 The writer is a SFI Executive affiliate. He has been a SFI member for over 2 years now. He has seen and also gone through similar situation/s himself. People want to always rush in on making money online which isn’t a good thing.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one would take it slow in this process of making money? Making money online is just like any other businesses done out there. For a true entrepreneur, knows that starting a business is risk taking gig. Therefore, when you join project like SFI what should you expect to find. Should it be money on the table for you? This is a definite no.

All businesses involve risks, extra effort and courage. I have to admit that online business have fewer risks and not much investment or effort when u compare them with ground/ordinary business. If you get to know this, it should be a boost for you to run an online business slowly. Running a business this way is going to gain you more than all the obstacles that you will encounter while you are at it.

One of the gains of taking it slow will be that you will be able to study and understand the business well enough to see it grow big. This is one of the things that I have witnessed and done. A great motivation grows in you and thus you suddenly find your self with courage to do thing that you never thought of doing. You even start to see how true the businesses online are and even how you can end up with one that is yours.

During this period, plans are never that far from you. Drawing plans, inventing and innovating becomes part of you for you will be with a huge desire to grow bigger earn as much as you want. All of this takes you time and thus you should be some one with patience and curiosity.
Apart from the time loss, there should be nothing else to stop you from making money online.


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Real Work At Home Jobs

There are many companies that hire employees to work from their homes. Since numerous real work at home job opportunities are available on the internet, you can search and select the most suitable job for you. However, sorting out the real work at home job from the numerous job listing can be a time consuming process.

By selecting a real work at home job you can enjoy the flexibility of working conveniently at home and at convenient times for you. You can work as a freelancer or you can join as an employee of a company.

Real work at home jobs include customer service, recruiting, sales, technical, telecommuting or writing. You can start working as a home based agent where you are an employee of a company and provide the required customer service. Another type of real work at home job involves providing administrative and clerical support in the form of a virtual assistant. You can also provide technical or creative services to clients.

You can choose your job according to what you know and do best it that way it will be easy for you to earn quick money. One extra requirement is computer basic skills plus internet. if you have knowledge in advanced math or science or in some language, then you can select online tutor jobs. You can also join internet based companies that offer assistance to students in various subjects.

If you have good command over English then you can select the job of writing articles on every imaginable topic. If you submit the content for payment, then you can get the payment after the article has been accepted. In turn if you submit to the Associated Content site without payment and submit it as free, you can get $1.50 for every 1000 views to your content.

Real work at home jobs allow you earn smart income without compromising your time. You schedule your work according to your convenience. Part time, full time are available for some home based jobs. You should not be required to spend any initial charges or fees to get a job.

There are certain home based jobs that require full time work on a proper schedule but provide health insurance, pension, vacation and other benefits as in the case of real job. But you have to takes lot of effort to find such jobs.

If you have sufficient experience and qualification in any job, then you can get such jobs easily and enjoy the fun of working at home and at the same time you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional employee.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Attract New Customers Now

1. Give Away An Electronic Information Product

The product could be a simple report posted on your Web site or autoresponder to a downloadable e-book. The information product should relate to your target audience. Just place your advertisement somewhere on the product. Allow other people to give away the information product to attract even more customers.

2. Offer Free Consulting Via E-mail

Allow potential customers to ask you specific questions relating to the subject of your business. Giving away free advice can show your prospects your expertise and give you instant credibility. Another benefit is when you e-mail them back the free advice or information include your signature file to get free advertising.

3. Hold A Free Chat Room Seminar

People go to seminars to learn about a particular subject. With chat rooms you don't need to fear public speaking or spend money to rent out a seminar room. You can use your own chat room or hold the seminar in someone elses. Holding a chat room seminar is an incredible way to get free publicity. Just send a press release to the media announcing your free seminar.

4. Start A Free-To-Join Club

Having people join your club is a creative way to attract new customers. People want to belong to something, why not your online club. The club should be related to your product or service. You could give away a free e-mail newsletter for club members only. Have a members only message board, e-mail discussion group or chat room. Post your advertisements on all the club information.

5. Provide Your Product Or Service For Almost Free

Tell potential customers you'll accept barter deals for your products or services. You may not be getting money but they will become your customers. If they are satisfied they might pay money the next time they make a purchase. Barter for things to improve your business or your own personal life.

About the Author:
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy has helped thousands of people in over 200 countries around the world start and run a successful home business. Discover 3 easy steps to start your own home business and subscribe to The Home Biz Guy's Free Home Business Secrets Mini-Course at:

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Earn Money Coaching

 Help Lives By Life Coaching

Are you insightful? Do you like working with people and having fun? If you have the heart, the enthusiasm, and the passion to be of service then life coaching is a good area of profession to consider. First things first though, you have to get proper training, and courses in psychology if possible,

Why Become A Life Coach

Have you ever gotten that feel good tingling when you know you’ve done something right? And that because you’ve helped someone, more people like and appreciate you? Well life coaching is very rewarding, both in a monetary and emotional sense. Helping someone grow, develop and succeed in life is a triumph that is shared by a life coach. You as life coach are now part of your client’s life; you help them reach the pinnacle of success. Aside from that, if you are an excellent life coach you can earn as much as $10,000.00 a month. A good life coach means a steady stream of clients, and this equals to income.

1, 2, 3 What Should A Life Coach Be?

Life coaching may sound easy, but it is not for everybody. Remember that you will be bearing the burdens of your client. You have to have a certain gift of wanting to help for you to be able to bear the life of another individual. Being a life coach entails huge responsibilities, so you have to possess certain characteristics that are indispensable.

The most essential quality a life coach must have is the ability to listen and empathize. Sympathizing is feeling for the client, empathizing is putting your self in those clients’ shoes. By empathizing you are able to visualize a client’s life and reflect it to him so he sees how he is like, similar to looking into the mirror. What’s more you can make activities that are more appropriate and individualized. The key to being a successful life coach is being able to listen without planning the rebuttal in your head.

Second is the ability to control ones urge to give advices. A life coach does not tell the client what to do. The life coach helps the client realize what it is he or she is looking for. A guide must be fun loving and innovative. The basis of life coaching is creating packets and interactive programs that aide the client in internalizing and realizing potentials, wants, desires, and goals.

Lastly a life coach must be eager to help, and from this eagerness arises the desire to be trained.  A life coach’s job is critical. You have to be able to recognize who needs encouragement and who has a serious problem. Life coaching is highly criticized because a lot of people claim as experts without proper training. Do not be one of those people. Get education and training.

Where To Get Training

Local community college’s offer courses in psychology, and there is always abundance in training and seminars out there. It is imperative that a potential life coach get some psychological education. Although life coaching only deals with the sunny side of life and the minimal problems to be able to properly help the client’s basic lessons in how the human psyche works is important. Making coaching game plans need a little nit of psychological knowledge.

It’s Not Just Something You Try

Life coaching is serious business. We are dealing with people’s lives, one mistake and somebody’s life gets ruined.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The difference between you or me and that Big Money Maker

What separates you or me from the Big online money makers.
Today i was looking through my mail box of 65780 emails that have collected for several weeks this year. Do not ask what kind because i receive most kinds and you know the majority of what i receive. The reason for doing this was to find out how Email marketing works so i subscribed to many people company and so on. Most of  which are of safelists.

You may ask, "Why i was doig this?". I  was looking for one thing:  the difference between me and the big online money maker through comparing what i  write and what i "they" write so that i get to learn how to write my own email to lure people in order for me to make a sale too.

I have read a bunch of books that say they are teaching about making money online and all say that "having a list is the best method of making money online" and i know you agree with this too.  As  you well all know that these books do not reveal much of it in detail leaving  you or me in suspense. This make us look or try and find out how to do this in our own way. Trails never lead most of us any where as many are left at this and they give up. For those that continue trying enventually find the right  way to do it.
I am among those  that never give up and am still trying. I am getting to know it all little by little: first of all know this;- No one was born with this information but  we all learn as we get deeper into this making money online.

Most of the money makers took time trying/figuring out how to make money online until that breakout occured for them. So what do u think that they were doing all along? Yes...  your answer is correct..
It  was trying and probably knowledge quest . So untill that break out occures for  you just continue on trying and also have the quest for more knowledge about  what you do.

With that can you now tell the difference between you or me and that big money maker  you know?
Answer: There is no difference apart from the many years HE or SHE has online than you and the money they make differentiates from  you from them.

TIP: You can make money too online at an early age if  you can
1. Think Big,
2. Be creative,
3. Know people and markets